"Time & space on your wrist"


The Zanis & Co ChronoMoon is both…

A space age timepiece and a timeless piece of space.


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From our earliest times man has looked up and gazed at the moon with wonder. 


Now you can have your very own small piece of the moon right on your wrist.

Is that really a piece of the moon?


Yes, each ChronoMoon features an actual piece of the moon.  Harvested from lunar meteorites that have fallen to earth, each piece is verified by outside laboratory tests and certified to be a 100% genuine fragment of our earth’s moon.


Each moon fragment is encased inside the watches crown and visible through the transparent window.




(Moon Fragments Lab tested by Act Labs - Batch Test Number A13-07326)

Modern Style  - You’ll notice the sleek space age design.


Classic Quality - You’ll appreciate the strong sapphire crystal glass and a 316L stainless steel case exterior protect the highly accurate swiss made quartz movement interior.


A Piece of The Moon - You’ll love being able to look down and enjoy an actual piece of lunar rock right inside the crown of your watch.



Movement: Swiss Made Quartz Movement

Glass: Sapphire Crystal

Battery Life: 40 Months

Case Size: 47.5mm x 56.5mm

Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel

Bracelet / Strap: Medical Grade Silicone.

Water Resistance: 10 ATM

Just as only a handful of men have ever set foot on the moon and only a limited few will have the opportunity to own a Zanis & Co ChronoMoon.


Join our moon mission…

You’ll get mission updates, follow out countdown to launch and have the chance to be among the first to get your own ChronoMoon.



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